The Cambridge Open 2024

Stage 6 of the UKBGF Tour

Photo: Kings College


The golden rule: Play fair and enjoy the game!

  • The tournament will use the UKBGF rules in force at the time, which at time of writing is v2.1 of the WBGF rules available from the UKBFG website, with the following options selected:
  • Clocks: Other than in the main last 16 and Beginners, clock preference is applied. If either player wishes to use a clock, and one is available, the match is played on the clock. The Tournament Directors retain the right to impose a clock, either from outset or part-way through any match which is threatening to delay the tournament. Clock settings: 2 mins per game + 12 secs per move e.g an 11-point match = 22 mins + 12 secs per move
  • In the Main last 16, clocks are mandatory; in the Beginners, there are no clocks.
  • Responsible Moves: You are responsible for making legal plays. Your opponent may point out an illegal play to you and ask it to be corrected, but they are under no obligation to do so.
  • Baffle Boxes: Baffle boxes are optional. If both players agree, a baffle box may be used.
  • Recording: Players will be entitled to record their matches for later analysis, publication and/or submission to BMAB, provided any recording equipment is unobtrusive and silent. A limited supply of recording equipment may be made available for hire for a small fee - contact the Directors if you are interested in making use of this facility. Opponents of players carrying out recordings will be entitled to specify that their identity be withheld from any submission or publication.
  • Streaming: The Tournament Directors reserve the right to insist that a match be streamed either live or at a later date, taking into account any reasonable objections.
  • Penalty Points: Any breach of the rules for starting times and breaks may result in penalty points. If a player is not present and has not started the match 5 minutes after the starting time or after the end of the permitted break, one penalty point may be awarded. Subsequently a further penalty point may be awarded for each subsequent 5 minute delay. When a player has been awarded penalty points corresponding to more than half of the length of the match, such player shall be deemed to have won the match. ​
  • Abandonment: Players who elect not to complete the Swiss element of the tournament (day 1) without reasonable cause will, at the Tournament Director's discretion, forfeit their place in the main or consolation knockout element (day 2).
  • If any additional rulings are required then these will be handled by the Tournament Directors and selected experienced players at the tournament​